Post Pick: ‘Hunger Games,’ A Bad Lip Reading

By Meryl Gottlieb | | @merylgottlieb

I stumbled upon this video early Thursday morning and have watched it at least forty times since then. Though I think The Hunger Games movie is a bit overrated, I am still obsessed with everything Hunger Games. Hence, when I saw my cousin post this video on Facebook, I instantly clicked on it and proceeded to laugh for ten straight minutes, despite the fact that the video itself is only two and a half minutes long.

Bad Lip Reading first came onto YouTube last year with their first video parody of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and turned it into “Gang Fight.”  While I’m not really a fan of their other videos, they just can’t compare to The Hunger Games one, I definitely see potential for this to become huge – even though the group already has a combined total of 72 million views on YouTube for all of their videos.

The true hilarity of these videos comes from the fact that if someone did not know any better, then he or she could actually mistake some of the “bad lip reading” for the real thing.  For instance, with The Hunger Games video, when Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) says, “He made me look weak,” in the real film, they voice it over with “I am the QUEEN!” and it fits perfectly.  Even a simple tweak of Prim’s voice called for a hilarious finale.

All I can say now is, “Scooby Doo.”


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