TV: ‘Glee’ gets a fairly awkward makeover

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @merylgottlieb
Glee airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.
Rating: 3.5/ 5

Similar to last week, tonight’s episode, “Makeover,” opened strong with Blaine (Darren Criss) singing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” set to a montage of his participation in multiple clubs in order to pass the time now that Kurt (Chris Colfer) is in New York (the highlight of the montage, by the way, involves Blaine joining the Superhero Sidekick Club where he dresses like a generic Robin but with cat ears – “Kitten Boy?”).  He also decides to run for senior class president against Brittany (Heather Morris), who has decided to be the first, and hopefully only, two-term president. Eventually, Brittany decides to run with Artie (Kevin McHale) as her vice president, while Blaine runs with Sam (Chord Overstreet).

Meanwhile, in New York, Kurt applies for an internship at, where he interviews with fashion icon, Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker). It’s here that I fell in love with Kurt all over again – his incredible enthusiasm and passion for fashion (assonance not intended there, I promise) is an inspiration to all of us college folks who have such big aspirations for our own futures. That charm also seemed to work for SJP because she hired him on the spot.

But he’s not just a charmer; Kurt came through with a creative idea to revitalize the brand, creating the possibility that this may turn into a long-term position for him.

That being said, Isabelle is not that likeable of a character when left to take the stage. Her scenes with Kurt are endearing, but she cannot carry a scene by herself. I’m not saying it is Parker’s fault; I think the writers should have stepped up their game more.

Back at McKinley, Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) pretty much hates his job – facing a serious case of post-Nationals depression (“It all feels so meaningless. Does every teacher feel like this?” My answer: probably). He then discovers, though, that there is a position open to help students everywhere by advocating for the arts education programs. We later find out that this would make him leave McKinley for a while – no, Schue, don’t go! I don’t care if you haven’t had a good story line since season one; you must stay! I need some sort of consistency in my life.

Also, Artie plans to makeover Brittany so she can be taken more seriously as a candidate and the same goes for Blaine with Sam. Both go through the whole process to the song “Celebrity Skin,” which the two sang well, but the choreography and background did not fit right with certain parts of the scene and made it look awkward at times.

Moreover, Rachel (Lea Michele) is once again being picked on at school… is it really such a surprise to be ridiculed for wearing a neon pink leotard? So Kurt decides to take her to the “Couture Closet” of to give her a makeover so she can fit in. Two glaring issues popped up here: One, how does Kurt think he has the authority to let Rachel try on all of the clothes when the office is closed? I nearly had a heart attack or at least a palpitation over this naiveté. Then, as expected, S.J.P. walks in, but, oh, no it’s ok everyone, because you want to give Rachel a makeover, so let’s all just sing an awkward mash-up and be merry… no.

Two, why is image such an issue? Mr. Murphy (Glee’s creator), do not push the image thing for most of an episode when you are supposed to be all about staying true to who you are.

I guess Lea Michele just got sick of wearing the knee-high socks.

In addition, the actual presidential campaign could learn a few tactics to entice voters from tonight’s episode, although I’m not sure it bode well for Biden if he took off his shirt like Sam.  Anyway, “Blam” (Blaine and Sam’s campaign) won. Blaine cannot celebrate, though, because of his distancing relationship with Kurt (so now every Glee fan on Tumblr sharpens their claws in preparation to kill Ryan Murphy if they break up).

Now, let’s move on to what was supposed to be a big surprise, though I saw it coming two episodes ago. Brody and Rachel have a montage to “A Change Would Do You Good” while running around New York (cute yet ridiculous) and doing a “spontaneous” dance routine in the studio. Rachel invites Brody over for dinner, and, skipping the flirty banter between the two, they kiss.  They’re interrupted by a knock on the door, and who would it be one other than our own Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), who has quite a surprised/pissed look on his face when he sees Brody in Rachel’s apartment. I was not the least bit surprised; I simply wish Ryan could have been a little more creative about introducing the love-triangle fiasco.

Next week’s episode, however, seems to have all the crazy drama that sucked me in during season one. Here’s to hoping!


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