The BedPost: ‘I am nothing without you’

Why should you write into the BedPost? Well, because frankly folks, I am nothing without you. (That’s right, I’m head over heels with my readers. Deal with it.) Without you guys I am merely a directionless rambler, let loose once a week in black and white print. The questions you (are not, but will) send inspire me to challenge myself to find answers.

Because here’s the down and dirty truth, ya’ll: I am a prude.

Yeah, yeah, I see the hypocrisy here.

I don’t know about Athens play parties until some great person sends me an email. And besides the walks-of-shames I see parading down the streets Sunday morning, I don’t know who is sleeping with so-and-so or how often. Unless you tell me what you want or what you are getting, I’ll remain totally and utterly clueless.

But here’s the beauty of it all: I am extremely open-minded. I’ll try it, I’ll dig and most importantly, I will listen.

So just tell me what you people want. Send an email. Tell me who to interview, who to annoy, what to care about, what to learn. I belong to my readers and they belong to me … in a very BDSM kind of way.

If you wanna see less relationship mush in favor of more tush in my columns than do something about it, you lazy, daisy, crazy people.

Your questions are totally anonymous and I am a vault. No one will know you sent a question. Unless they get a couple drinks in me. Kidding – your name is going to the grave with me. I. AM. SPARTICUS.

Love and other drugs,
The BedPost

P.S. I know it still says people in the email address and I am really only one person (with multiple personalities) but now I think it’s more like: The BedPost, people …. Like, in a get with the program kind of way. Guuuuurrrrlfrand.


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