Environmental News Nugget: May 24, 2012

Austin Stahl | as506610@ohiou.edu | @AustinStahl24


What devices should you unplug to save money and energy? Why is natural gas threatening carbon storage? Could skyscrapers of the future be covered in windows that double as solar panels? If any of these questions interest you, dive into today’s articles!


1. “Unplugging These 6 Gadgets Will Cut Your Electricity Bill

Saving money and energy: two good things that often go hand-in-hand. But it’s not just about turning off our gadgets, we should be unplugging them too. However, some make more of a difference than others. Find out in this article.


2. “With Natural Gas Plentiful and Cheap, Carbon Capture Projects Stumble

Last week I wrote about some carbon storage initiatives here. However, cheap natural gas may be discouraging energy companies from pursuing carbon capture technology. Natural gas does burn more cleanly than coal, but it is still a fossil fuel that emits significant amounts of greenhouse gases when burned as fuel.


3. “Will Solar Windows Transform Buildings to Energy Producers?

Sneak preview (from the article): “The vast amount of glass in skyscrapers and office buildings represents enormous potential for an emerging technology that turns windows into solar panels.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are looking to utilize this technology. It is definitely a fascinating proposition.


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