Environmental News Nugget: May 10, 2012

Austin Stahl | as506610@ohiou.edu | @AustinStahl24

Domestic drilling, a new way of providing solar energy, and the relationship between universities and corporations are examined in today’s articles.


1. “CBO Report: Boosting Oil Production Won’t Protect Americans From Gasoline Price Shocks

A report by the Congressional Budget Office shows that increasing domestic oil production does not decrease gas prices here in the U.S. If this is the case, why then would we push for domestic drilling like the Keystone Pipeline considering its severe consequences for the environment?


2. “How Your College Is Selling Out to Big Ag

Some major agricultural research universities see a major amount of their funding come from corporate agribusinesses. Is this a good thing, providing money for research? Or is it compromising the integrity of the schools and researchers?


3. “Solar Installers Offer Deals, Gaining Converts

Solar power offers probably the greatest potential of any renewable energy. Read how some solar companies are making it easier to get solar panels in homes. If we learn how to efficiently harness any substantial portion of the sun’s energy, we could solve all our energy problems.

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  1. Nancy from Cincinnati said:

    The link to the second article, “How Your College Is Selling Out to Big Ag“ was broken. Can you send me the link?

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