Environmental News Nugget: May 2, 2012

Austin Stahl | as506610@ohiou.edu | @AustinStahl24

Today’s first article shows that serious discussion was being had in the past about pursuing renewable energy on a larger scale. Five years later, as the central debate for today’s energy supply revolves around shale gas, I wonder what has happened. Are we regressing, relying more on fossil fuels just because we found a new supply of natural gas? It is worth taking a look at and giving some thought. The story of a school district and the enormous footprint of humans round out the rest of today’s environmental news.

1. “What’s So Bad About Big?

If alternative energy is going to compete cost-effectively with fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, it is going to have to be produced on a large scale. This article shows how some major wind and solar projects are underway to “scale up” the production of renewable energy. This article was written over five years ago, so my question is, where are the results? Why are we still pursuing new methods of fossil fuel extraction like hydraulic fracturing instead of aggressively pursuing renewables to meet our energy needs?

2. “Loveland High School Wins Prestigious Green Ribbon School Designation

It’s time for me to brag a little bit about my former school. The School District of Loveland, an eastside suburb of Cincinnati where I grew up, has proven itself a leader in green initiatives. Check out what they are doing in this article.

3. “Generation Anthropocene: Students grapple with our global impact

Have you ever stopped and really thought about the impact that humans have had on the earth’s environment? Our influence has been so big that science might soon recognize us with our own age, similar to the Ice Age or the period when an asteroid took out the dinosaurs. But we should not get too cocky – we are just a blip on the earth’s overall calendar.

1 comment
  1. Nancy from Cincinnati said:

    Go Loveland! I hope other schools take note and follow suit. Generation Anthropocene – interesting concept. Thanks for adding a new word to my vocabulary!

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