Post Pick: Nyan Cat

This is old. But, I can’t stop picturing this in my head. That stupid gray cat with
the pop tart body farting out rainbows. Yes. Nyan Cat. It went viral a couple years ago on
YouTube and got some negative and positive responses. I’m sick of it, but somehow I
always get sucked back into the cat’s little song “Nyan nyan nyan nyan” … You get the
deal. It zooms across the sky with sparkly rainbows shooting out of its rear. Who comes up with
these sorts of things?

As far as weirdness goes, this definitely should be on the list. Now, whenever I
think of YouTube, I can’t stop thinking of that stupid cat. Cat. Oh no, now it’s stuck in
my head. No! I refuse to listen to that stupid song on loop. Someone help me before I do
something stupid. Oh, wait too late. I’m now just listening to that cat. Nyan.
Jenna Marbles the entertainer and blogger on YouTube wore a Nyan Cat costume for one
of her videos. Now, I’ve seen everything.

No, I’m not looking for the costume on Amazon…yet. Why did I succumb to this?

Hannah Yang is a stringer for Campus Staff. Can’t get the Nyan Cat out of your head? Email her at


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