Post Pick: U.S. National Parks Week

Granted there are only a few days left, national parks are the perfect excuse to go on a Western-bound road trip. Since there are none in Ohio, it gives you a reason to get out of our here and do some exploring. You don’t need to go to Italy to see breathtaking mountains when you can just head to Montana and see the Grand Tetons. Mountains not good enough for you? Go to Yellowstone and frolic around on a volcano for a few hours. If you want to head further, you absolutely have to go see Yosemite National Park. If I may, stay in Mariposa, Calif. It’s a tiny little town with one burger joint about 45 minutes outside one of the entrances at Yosemite. So yeah, the holiday week is almost over, but there’s really no excuse for you to skip out on some of the places that make America what it is today.

—Cori Sherman is the Associate Editor of The Post. Want to chat nature? Email Cori at


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