Environmental News Nugget: April 25, 2012

By Austin Stahl | as506610@ohiou.edu | @AustinStahl24

1. “Unilever’s Paul Polman: challenging the corporate status quo”

Many environmental leaders in various fields, whether it is scientists, businessmen, government leaders, or activists, have challenged us to start thinking differently and challenge the status quo. Check out how Paul Polman, the visionary CEO of Unilever, is acting on his vision for change.

2. “Engineer Arrested in BP Oil Spill Case”

It’s been just over two years since the BP Oil Spill, quite possibly the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history. The first charges have just been filed, and many more could be coming soon. BP, which has already paid over $22 billion dollars attempting to clean up the spill, could also be hit with heavy fines from the government.

3. “Senate Hearing Focuses on Threat of Sea Level Rise”

The Senate had a hearing last week on how rising sea levels could affect us, specifically coastal energy facilities. Unfortunately, the hearing was marked by partisanship, as only one of the six senators was a Republican, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska. Still, one is better than none.


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