Post Pick: ‘The Life and Times of Tim’

By Will Ashton |

Imagine the most awkward situations you have ever been in, particularly at work, home or in public.  Now, take that awkwardness and times it by 10. That’s the basic premise behind the HBO comedy show The Life and Times of Tim.

HBO’s The Life and Times of Tim explores the everyday comedic misadventures of Tim. Usually the result of poor judgment, miscommunication or lying, Tim ends up in terribly embarrassing and awkward situations. Just in the first episode, his long-time girlfriend, Amy, and her parents find Tim with a hooker in their apartment named Debbie. At work — where he’s a bottom-feeder, white-collar worker at Omicorp, a fictional corporation in NYC — Tim has had to pretend he is Hispanic, pretend to have crapped on the floor and bit a co-worker, and other situations to avoid being fired by his boss, known only as “The Boss.”  And these types of things have become a normal day for Tim.

Tim‘s comedy deals not so much with the strange situations that happen, but what happens because these situations occur. Made completely in low-quality animation, the show provides a mild, but intentional, charm of being simplistic, yet larger than life at the same time.

Known for its cult following than its high ratings, The Life and Times of Tim just ended its third season about a month ago. What makes the show so funny is that Tim is probably the most mild-mannered, timid human being there could be. Always well meaning, he tries to make every terrible and abnormally unlucky and awkward situation appear as though it’s no big deal.

Lately, the last few episodes seem to have lost this quality a bit by making Tim appear a lot more of a jerk in certain situations, which is probably because Steve Dildarian, the writer, director, and creator of the show and voice actor for Tim, has been stepping away from writing the last few episodes. Despite this, the show remains bizarrely clever and bitingly hilarious, and with HBO’s other shows gaining or retaining their popularity, The Life and Times of Tim should have more viewers added to its limited fan base.

Unfortunately, it was just announced Monday that HBO has cancelled the show. However, due to its strong fan base, it was able to come out of its cancellation last season and there is already support being made to make the show on the air again.


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