Post Pick: Pottermore

By Nicolien Buholzer | | @nicobuholzer

So I know Pottermore opened April 14 and it’s almost 10 days later, but I’ve finally decided to actually explore Pottermore tonight. You see, I created my profile (SkyFrog5291; let’s be friends?), but then decided that I would accomplish nothing at all if I started using it. But tonight, after a rousing episode of Game of Thrones, I wasn’t ready for sleep. And now I never will again. All I want to do is get through everything in Pottermore. The insights into J.K. Rowling’s mind are pretty swell, and while I did get caught up for about an hour trying to decide which pet I wanted (I settled on a tabby cat, which won’t surprise anyone who knows me), for the rest I haven’t been able to stop. I spent my life wanting to be a part of the wizarding world; I remember waiting for my Hogwarts letter and coming up with countless reasons to justify me not receiving it yet (the American wizarding school doesn’t accept people until they’re 21, right? So my letter could still be coming? Good.). A friend and I even recreated Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Express (complete with a “brick” wall to run through) and a Hogwarts feast once in her basement … during our senior year of high school. Harry Potter isn’t just a book to me; it’s an obsession. And though I thought my days of waiting for the next Potter installment ended last summer, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Between Pottermore, my anxious wait to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the news that Rowling is releasing a Potter encyclopedia, it’s starting to look like my childhood will never end.

And I’m pretty OK with that.


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