Movie Review: ‘Think Like A Man’ conjures up plenty of entertainment

By Nathan Gordon | | @GordonRises
Think Like a Man | Directed by Tim Story | PG-13

First Words

When it comes to movies with a predominately African-American cast, movies by Tyler Perry have been looked at by most as the only recent successes. But after earning $33 million at the domestic box office, it’s evident that Think Like A Man will now be looked at as an exception. The film not only brought in an opening weekend that exceeded its $12 million budget, but it also was entertaining.

A group friends have each gone about their relationships differently. They all continue their ways with the woman they have now. Everything is going normally until the women start taking suggestions from a book called Act like A Man, Think like A Man. The group of friends, who haven’t ever heard about the book, begin to notice changes in their women that they don’t like. Eventually, before things turn completely bad, the friends discover the book and decide to use it to turn the tables back in their favor.

I have to begin by acknowledging Kevin Hart. Without him, this movie’s comedy level drops off tremendously. Not saying he was the only one bringing the laughs because Romany Malco as Zeke brought his fair share, but Hart was clearly the standout. Although he definitely brought his same ridiculously overdramatic personality from his standups, Hart is able to continuously make it funny over and over throughout the movie. His antics continue during the credits too with a hilarious scene.

The comedy really made the movie what it was, but the story elements had a hand in the film’s entertainment as well. Focusing on the life of a few different couples always gave us something new in the film to focus on. Instead of potentially becoming bored of watching one couple’s relationship going through its ups and downs, we were able to watch the cycle happen through the eyes of four different couples. Every moment of a relationship that makes us feel something, we as viewers were able to feel each one multiple times throughout the movie. I also want to mention how I liked the film adding the group hangouts that the friends had as a major part of the story. That addition was needed because many of the funniest parts came from it, which helped the story move forward.

I realize that Think like A Man is inspired by the book of the same name by Steve Harvey, but the movie felt like a gigantic promotional stint for it. Steve Harvey shown on a fictional talk show answering questions with information he put in the book, throughout the film, was really not needed. With so much promotion of the book, it seems like anyone who hasn’t read it yet doesn’t need to because most of it was brought up in the film.

While I enjoyed some parts of the story, I wasn’t impressed with all of it. During the first half of the movie, the plot developed very slowly. Despite all the characters the movie had to introduce, their individual stories could have been handled in a quicker, more efficient way.

The narration was an element also wasn’t handled well. Kevin Hart might be hilarious, but he does not have a narrator’s voice. That began to get annoying during the film.

Lastly, some of the cameos from known African American personalities were not needed. The person brought in to play Cedric’s (Kevin Hart) wife brought the film down somewhat with the lifeless lines she delivered

Last Words
Think like A Man not only was a surprise at the box office, but it was a surprise to me too. Even though I wasn’t fighting back the tears from laughter like audience that surrounded me, I still enjoyed the movie. The film has flaws that are sprinkled throughout the movie, but it’s still something I would recommend for those who want to laugh and just see a good movie.


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  1. Sonya said:

    Good review on Think Like a Man Nathan! I really want to see the movie now.

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