Movie Review: ‘Titanic in 3D’ brings new life to a classic love story

By Nathan Gordon | | @GordonRises
Titanic 3D | Directed by James Cameron | PG-13

First Words
Everybody, besides the people who refuse to take part in watching a three-hour “chick flick,” knows Titanic. Some of us differ on how good the movie actually is, but no one can deny the impact it has had on the film industry since it was released around a decade and a half ago. Now the second-highest grossing movie of all time is back in 3D, and although many people think 3D is an overused gimmick, that couldn’t be farther from the truth when James Cameron is responsible.

As the all-mighty Titanic starts its voyage, a love affair also begins to take off between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). Just as they begin to fall in love, the ship “God couldn’t even sink” collides with an iceberg. Now the new lovers and the other passengers must find a way to survive while the gigantic ship begins to sink below the North Atlantic Ocean.

James Cameron has created a top notch film, from the story to the overall look of the film; that’s been the case since Titanic was released back in 1997. The new focus this time around is the added 3D. If you haven’t noticed, when director James Cameron uses 3D, he uses it to enhance the picture. The obvious example for that is Cameron’s even more successful film, Avatar. You’ll rarely see things popping out at you and that’s perfectly fine. Cameron’s attention to detail is really noticeable with the added 3D. From the facial expressions of the actors to the water drops splashing off their soaked clothes, everything is much clearer thanks to the 3D. With all that said, you still have a feel of the original with a touch of graininess still in the picture. It’s really noticeable in the scene where the third-class passengers throw a party below deck.

As was the case when Titanic was originally released, DiCaprio and Winslet were the perfect two people for their roles. Their chemistry really took over the film and brought it to another level. I also must add that it definitely wasn’t a problem to have to look at Kate Winslet for a little more than three hours.

While I believe Titanic to be a great film, it does have a few flaws, one being its running time. I must admit that when my mom and I saw this movie on Easter Sunday, the three hours flew by, but for other people, three hours is just too long. However, I’m also not saying some time should have been cut off, because this “flaw” is needed for the film to be as great as it is.

Lastly, as great as the movie is and DiCaprio and Winslet are together, it’s still kind of hard to believe such strong love between two people can be created so quickly. That strong love led to some dialogue that is so cheesy that you might cringe a bit. I know Rose’s unhappiness helped speed up the process but even with that, it’s still kind of hard to believe.

Last Words
Some movies shouldn’t have remakes or sequels and this is one of them. I thought that would have been a consensus thought until I found out there was a Titanic 2 (you can take a look at the embarrassing trailer here). While I feel Titanic shouldn’t ever be remade, James Cameron still found the best way to remake this popular film, which was to just enhance the picture quality of a great movie by carefully adding 3D. Cameron definitely impressed another viewer. His expertise left my mom walking out the theater uttering a quick statement, “I like 3D.”


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