Environmental News Nugget: April 9, 2012

By Austin Stahl | as506610@ohiou.edu | @AustinStahl24

Today’s environmental news is headlined by an inspiring story of how activists are taking on some major players in the fossil fuel industry. Rounding out the fun is a shift in the paradigm of business thinking towards sustainability and yet another potential downside to fracking.
1. “How a Grassroots Rebellion Won the Nation’s Biggest Climate Victory”

This is a bit of a long read, but definitely worth the time. To sum it up for you, pollution from coal plants kill over 13,000 people, cause over 200,000 asthma attacks, and cost over $1 billion in medical damages every year. The Sierra Club launched a nationwide “Beyond Coal” campaign back in 2002 and succeeded in stopping 166 coal plants from being built to date. Instead of waiting on the slow-moving federal government, a strategy combining grassroots activism while still considering economic realities has been used in working with local and state governments, with promising results.

2. “Transforming Towards the Firm of the Future”

According to Michael Porter, “The old models of corporate strategy and capitalism are dead.  We are witnessing a paradigm shift from hurting to helping.” Interested in how some business practices are changing for the better? Read on.

3. “Shale Shocked: ‘Remarkable Increase’ In U.S. Earthquakes ‘Almost Certainly Manmade,’ USGS Scientists Report”

Earthquakes. Another reason to avoid fracking?


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