Post Pick: One Direction

By Anjelica Oswald | |@thisisjelli

I know boy bands are so 12 years ago, and  I also know that as a 19-year old college freshman, I should be over the fact. But I am going to admit to the whole wide world that I am obsessed with One Direction, and I feel no shame. If my editor-in-chief is allowed to have an obsession with J-Biebs, I feel as if my obsession with the boys is completely allowed.

There are five boys: Niall, Zayne, Liam, Harry, and my personal favorite, Louis. These boys all auditioned for X-Factor with talent of their own, but Simon Cowell saw something in all five of them. I don’t think he could have fathomed the effect these British hunks with beautiful voices and fashion sense would have.

The boys are heading out on a sold-out 2013 tour. They also sold out Madison Square Garden in less than one minute. Madison Square Garden seats about 20,000 people for concerts. This means that over 20,000 people tried to get tickets … in one minute. Crazy?

They are prime material for a girl like me to swoon over. Have British accents? Check! Have senses of humor? Check! Say sweet things and sing sweet songs? Check! Have beautiful faces? Check! Have a great sense of style? Check! The boys are not strangers to skinny ties, vests, bow ties and suspenders. I lose my mind when anyone wears suspenders, so it is no surprise that I love them.


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