Environmental News Nugget: April 5, 2012

By Austin Stahl | as506610@ohiou.edu

1. What the Frack is in That Water?


So fracking could be coming to Athens soon. Check out all the fun chemicals that could end up in our water!

2. Companies Pick Up Used Packaging, and Recycling’s Cost


Are some big businesses starting to take up some sustainability initiatives? It appears that way. My take: avoid the darn packaging in the first place! Recycling is good, but reusing is much better (it still takes a lot of energy to produce a recycled good). Still, it’s a big step in the right direction and shows sustainability is becoming more the norm.

3.     Can the University of California make campus food sustainable?


The University of California is doing some amazing things with their campus food system. Although Cal will face some big challenges down the road, what they have done so far is quite impressive. Can a similarly green-thinking campus like OU follow suit? I certainly think so. Will we? Now that is the bigger question. With initiatives like our Sustainability Plan, many people are working to have such changes made. Schools like Cal are setting the bar.


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